We have always put the human element at the centre of our concerns

Being a service provider implies to supply a work of quality, to be reactive, to anticipate and to meet the needs of our clients. SAMSIC answers these exigences !

We are able to do it, thanks to men and women who, day after day, use their expertise and professionalism to serve our customers Our em.

Our employees daily seek excellence to please our clients, therefore, we owe them respect and gratefulness and this goes through an integration strategy, an adapted training, a career policy encouraging internal advancement, clear values, frank relations and a strong team spirit.

Handicapped workers, you are competent, you have a sense of service, your status is not a handicap to join SAMSIC, a socially responsible company which is daily involved in your integration.

Inside SAMSIC our employees share more than a profession : A passion for serving ... and winning !

Samsic, Entreprise de propreté et de nettoyage industriel

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